About Us


It all started back in 1982 when a man and his brothers from the small town of Muar tried to earn a living from their passion in food servicing. Following that passion, they started their first and only small warehouse in Kuala Lumpur. Few years later, they started manufacturing and selling sesame oil. Little did they know the small humble company would do so well and become the Low Seat Hoong (LSH) group of companies we are today.


We are now one of the most well-known food and beverage company and manufacturer in Malaysia specialising in food servicing, producing natural and premium quality food products. Besides sesame oil, we also produce vermicelli, pepper powder and more. With high-quality European machineries, we are able to achieve the highest food safety standard.

To maintain a competitive advantage to meet the demands of business, we have grown multiple folds throughout the years, having expertise in supply chain management – from sourcing of raw material, manufacturing, distributing, wholesaling to retail; branding – from product research and development to marketing and positioning them in the market. Apart from retail outlets, our products are also available at online stores.

As of today, we also export our products to Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and United Kingdom.


From a small, homegrown business to a group of companies through multiple transformations, we have never forgotten who we are. Therefore, we are as relevant today as we were in the past, producing pure and high quality food products to the market.

Under the leadership of Founder Low Kim Seng, we are reshaping Low Seat Hoong Group of Companies to drive sustainable growth and strengthen our core business and expand into high-growth spaces, including new categories, channel, segments and geographic.