Return Policy

LSH Food Service

Low Seat Hoong Sdn Bhd‘s delivery team will confirm the item quantity on the spot with customers, then get customers’ signature on the invoice. This acts as a confirmation of receiving goods/products in the correct quantity. Hence, customers MUST confirm with the driver that the item quantity is correct. We are not responsible if your shipment is lost AFTER confirmation of item quantity by the customer.

In general, the Company will accept returns if the goods/product are not damaged, have not expired, or if the expiry date is 6 months away and more. Except for specific goods/products, the Company reserves the rights not to accept returns.

Specific goods / Products include:
  • Vermicelli Noodles
  • Mixing Sauce
  • Unsalted Beancurd Skin
  • Vegetarian Ball
  • Fresh Water Prawn
  • Chinese White Prawn
  • Salted Egg
  • Century Egg
  • Tofu / Beancurd

All return requests must be approved and verified by sales person. Return requests can only be collected by drivers with a temporary credit note.

Once the Company has checked and verified that returned product is eligible for return, the Company will issue an Official Credit Note within 2-3 working days.